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Air conditioning automatically switches
- Jan 06, 2017 -

1, Online testing: real-time monitoring is involved in the control of air conditioner operation, panel led run/fault status must be shown.

2, time switches: two/three turns the air conditioner according to the preset switching cycle running, switching cycles: 2, 4, 8, 12, 24, 48, 168 hours (can be customized according to customer's special requirements).

3, temperature control switch: to put into operation the air conditioner according to the indoor temperature station.

4, combination mode (temperature + timer) switch: the priority in meeting the set temperature, timer switch.

4, failover: when an air conditioner fails during operation, the air conditioner automatically exits the loop, the controller automatically starts in 30 seconds the other standby, air conditioning and alarm output.

5, function maintenance settings: always have the choice of an air conditioner to take part or not involved in the switch, this feature can retain some air conditioner normally open or normally closed, but does not affect the switching function.

6, has the power to call or an exception stop start function: when the air conditioner to malfunction or power failure, downtime of air conditioner fault elimination or call back, control air conditioner according to the rules set to restart, without human intervention. Unique advantages: all logic is turned on, the temperature and cooling mode can be open to user needs.

7, can be networked with the power and environment monitoring system, air conditioning switch failed, an air conditioner to turn on or off is not successful, output an alarm signal. (Optional other parts of our company composed of sound and light alarms or call alarm).

8, the installation is simple: single phase socket input-type air conditioning, easy to install, no need to remove the air conditioning to complete the installation. Three phase air conditioners need to be installed at the distribution comes standard with a simple component to complete the installation.

9, and market our strengths compared to other simple and functional air conditioning switch characteristics: (1) AC03D easy to install and does not need air conditioning control panel change air conditioning operations such as welding, (2) AC03D open