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Knowledge of automotive anti fog lights (concept / logo / switch / correct use)
- Apr 18, 2017 -

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Automotive anti fog lights
What is anti fog? Many friends very confused. So today Xiaobian Dingju lights to share automobile anti fog knowledge, including the concept of anti fog, anti fog icon logo, anti fog switch and led anti fog and other related knowledge, we hope to have some help.
What is the anti fog lamp?
As the name implies, refers to the anti fog fog, snow, rain or dust and other low visibility environment, in order to make the other road traffic participant is easy to find and install a vehicle emission intensity signal was evident in the vehicle, including anti fog fog lamp and rear fog lamp. The former refers to the front fog lamp in front of the car the headlights, mostly white (that is, color and headlights almost, have yellow); rear fog refers to the brake lights near the red color; in addition, led anti fog eye-catching yellow color, the most pure, the most penetrating radiation, color best. The fog light can penetrate the yellow car a thick fog shot far away as much as possible to make the beam spread into larger clusters in front of area light, but not dazzling.
What is the anti fog, but in fact many of my friends are not the proper use of anti fog. According to the traffic regulations in 100 200m visibility, you must open the fog lamps, lamp, lamps and lights, the speed should not exceed 60kmh, and maintain the vehicle spacing is more than 100m; visibility in 50 - 100m, to open fog lamp, lamp, lamps and lights, the speed should not exceed 40kmh, spacing and the car in front of the above 50m. In addition, the illegal use of fog minimum fined 50 yuan deducted 1 points.
That is not what time can open the fog? In fact, in good visibility conditions, absolutely not allowed to use. This is because the fog lamp fog lamp red light in no fog, rain and snow and other obstacles decay in the absence of direct exposure to the eyes have real damage to the people if. See the driver forgot to turn off the lights, as the owners of friends can remind the back - Flash headlights, front fog lights will be friends will be very smart to shut down.
Two, anti fog lamp icon logo, anti fog lamp switch and the correct way to open
Anti fog icon can be judged according to the direction of light: the light down is the front fog lamps, rear fog light is light. A fog lamp switch settings, there are 3 general ways:
1, all the lights control integrated multifunctional handle, headlights, turn lights, fog lights are in a control handle, which is the front fog lamp is the American and Japanese car in the center of the handle with a loop control loop, turn the switch, and the other is the general design of a fog lamp button (figure -1-2);
2, European lamp independent control switch and a steering lamp control handle separately, the formation of the independent headlights, fog lamp control switch in rotation, also can be pulled out two case, the first case is front fog lamps, second lattice is a front fog lamp rear fog lamp (Figure -3);
3, the fog lamp is independent of other light settings, the fog lamp switch is placed separately (see figure -4)
Above 3 kinds of anti fog lamp switch and anti fog lamp icon icon is as follows:
Three, LED anti fog knowledge
Due to the rapid development of LED technology, LED lights have been popularized in more and more brand car models. Green, safety, environmental protection, anti fog natural skills LED is widely used. Like Audi, BMW and other brands of car models have different anti fog lights, Dingju collected according to some of the data. The following arrangement models of the LED anti fog knowledge:
1, the logo of the 307 anti fog lights, the base model of the fog model of the 307 models is P21W, sub fog lights and rear fog lights, lamp models for the general P21W also known as BA15S or 1156;
2, BYD F3 anti fog lights, front fog lamp base model is H3, power is 55W; the fog lamp base model is W21W, power is 21W, bulb diameter is 26.5mm, length is 52.5mm, W21W can also be called 7440;
3, BMW 5 anti fog lamp, the base model is: H8, power is 35W, the lamp cap model is: PGJ19-1;
4 Mondeo, anti fog, the base model is H3, power is 55W;
5, Fawkes anti fog lights, base type is H8, power of 35W;
6, Audi Q5 anti fog lamp, the model base is H7, power is 55W, the lamp cap model is PX26d, the base diameter is 11.0mm, length is 57.0mm + 2;
7, Citroen's anti fog, the base model is H3, power is 55W, the base model LED anti fog and halogen bulb for automobile, power is only 1/20. of the latter
Four, the proper use of anti fog lights
Dingju kindly reminded owners friends of each lamp has its own unique role, using the method of light is very important to the correct use of anti fog can prevent traffic accidents. Due to fog, visibility, narrow field of vision, blurred vision, the driver in the driving very ugly Qingqianfang obstacles (pedestrians, slow traffic, car accidents and pits etc.). In order to improve the horizon, suggesting that other traffic participants pay attention to their own vehicles, it is necessary to use the anti fog. The fog light and high brightness, light at an angle to the ground irradiation, with good penetrability, and will not produce diffuse because of fog.
In particular, in the fog, rain and other inclement weather conditions, do not use the high beam light, because the light rays in the fog, the rain will produce diffuse reflection, will not only affect their sight, also can make the other traffic participants to produce dazzling feeling, can easily lead to traffic accidents.
In short, each lamp on the car has its important role, the same is true of anti fog lights, master the relevant knowledge of car anti fog lights help to improve traffic safety