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Maintenance of the pressure transmitter
- Jan 06, 2017 -

Pressure transmitters in industrial practice is most commonly used as a transmitter, is measured by patch-electrode and insulation film on both sides to form a capacitor, is widely used in many fields. Pressure transmitter need regular maintenance in daily use, the following small series to introduce specific pressure transmitter maintenance points, I hope to help you.

Pressure transmitter maintenance points

1, check the installation hole size: If mounting holes are not the right size, sensor in the installation process, the threaded portion is vulnerable to wear and tear. This will not only affect the sealing performance of the device and the pressure sensor is not fully effective, and may even create a security risk. Only the right Kong Cai installed to avoid thread wear (thread industry standard 1/2-20 UNF 2B), can often be used to detect the mounting hole mounting hole measurement instrument, in order to make appropriate adjustments.

2, keep the hole clean: keep the hole clean and prevent the fused plug to ensure the normal operation of the equipment is very important. Before the extruder was clean, all the pressure sensors should be removed from the barrel to avoid damage. Removed sensor, the melt is likely to flow into the mounting hole and hardened, if the residual melt has not been removed, when mounting the sensor again, it may cause damage to the top. These melt residue cleaning kit can be removed. However, repeat the cleaning process has the potential to deepen the mounting holes of the sensor is damaged. If this happens, you should take measures to increase the sensor's position in the mounting hole.

3, and select appropriate of location: Dang pressure sensor of installation location too near line of upstream Shi, not melting of material may will wear sensor of top Department; if sensor was installation in too by Hou of location, in sensor and screw Rod trip Zhijian may will produced melting material of stagnation district, melt material in there has may produced degradation, pressure signal also may passed distortion; if sensor too in-depth machine tube, screw Rod has may in rotating process in the touch met sensor of top Department and caused its damaged. In General, the sensor in front of the filter on the barrel, melt pump or around the mold.

4, carefully clean using wire brush or a special compound before cleaning the extruder barrel, all the sensors should be removed. Because these two ways of cleaning may cause damage to the diaphragm of the sensor. When the barrel is heated, the sensors should also be removed and does not wear a soft cloth to wipe the top and drilling of the holes also need to clean the sensor and clean up.