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Switch main uses
- Jan 06, 2017 -

Isolating switches (switch) uses are as follows:

1, for isolated power supply, disconnect the high voltage maintenance equipment from charged device, there is a clearly visible disconnect.

2, switch-disconnectors and circuit breakers meet, according to the operation mode of switching operation is needed to change the system wiring.

3, to connect or disconnect the low current circuit. Isolation switch can for following operation: can pulled, and collection closed-circuit switch of bypass current; pulled, and collection transformer neutral points of grounding line, but Dang neutral points Shang received has elimination arc circle Shi, only in system no fault Shi, party can operation; pulled, and collection transformer and arrester; pulled, and collection bus and the directly connection in bus Shang equipment of capacitor current; pulled, and collection capacitor current not over 5 Ann of no-load line; triple isolation switch can pulled, and collection voltage in 10,000 v and the following, and current in 15 Ann following of load,.

Attention in isolating switch, line bus at the transmission side of the disconnector, after the line side isolator, close the circuit breaker. Line power failure disconnect circuit breaker, after open the isolating switch. Cannot load, high voltage isolate switch.