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The seat safety switch safety
- Jan 06, 2017 -

The utility is installed in the seat safety switch on electric vehicles. This practical new for existing of electric car Shang only set electric lock as only of circuit switch by exists of for driver negligence, in people left electric Shi, forget has close electric electric lock, dang people intentionally or unintentionally spin moving adjustable speed handles switch Shi, electric on will started driving, easy caused overturned injury people accident of insufficient of at, provides a Dang people left seat Shi electric of circuit will automatically was circuit breaker of electric seat security switch. This practical new including elastic shell body, and moving touch tablets, and 2 tablets insulation tablets, and set touch tablets, elastic shell body in the has empty cavity; moving touch tablets Shang has several a touch head; moving touch tablets, and insulation tablets and set touch tablets loaded into elastic shell body in the of empty cavity in the, which 2 tablets insulation tablets set in moving touch tablets and set touch tablets Zhijian of sides at. Using this utility, when sitting in the electric chair, safety switches are connected; when people leave the electric car seats, safety switch is disconnected。