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Advantages Of Noise Environment Monitoring
- Jan 06, 2017 -

With the improvement of people's living standards, the health concerns and higher, there is physical and environmental security requirements are also improving. How to dust pollution monitoring and early warning, ensure the safety of people and the environment, has become a prominent problem, seriously put in front of people.

In recent years, important progress has been made in environmental pollution monitoring in China, with the concept and development of the Internet of things, a core of online automatic analysis instrument, with mobile communication for the transmission medium, using modern sensor technology, automated measurement techniques, information technologies and related monitoring and analysis software consists of a comprehensive dust control system is an important direction of development.

In the cities, construction of public facilities such as the mass transit railway, highways, bridges and other construction sites, construction site, as well as for industrial and civil buildings, heavy use of rollers such as large machinery, causing a lot of noise and dust affecting the urban environment, make quiet environment noise and dust pollution sites. Lead construction dust surrounding areas seriously affected by noise pollution. Automatic monitoring system of construction noise and dust monitor site noise, transmission of data center to monitor real time display, can inform staff measures accordingly.

Noise dust dust monitoring system for outdoor noise monitoring terminals. Noise dust monitoring system consists of the noise monitoring terminals, data transmission units, central servers (computers), ambient noise data management software, and other components. According to the GB3096-2008 of the environmental quality standards laid down in, national key environmental protection cities, as well as other conditions of cities and regions should be installed automatic monitoring system of environmental noise and dust, in different acoustical environment functional area dust monitoring continuous and automatic monitoring of key monitoring area. It is set in accordance with the above criteria and has the perfect function of noise