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Air Conditioner Switch Better Normal Operation
- Jun 22, 2017 -

Air Conditioner Switch off method of air conditioning boot use

According to the requirements of air conditioning and the use of requirements, select the air conditioning mode of operation, such as refrigeration, heating, dehumidification or ventilation, etc., as long as the air conditioning on the operation mode selection key selection.

Set the temperature to adjust the temperature of the temperature regulator. In general cooling operation, the temperature value is set at 20-30 ℃. Heating operation, the temperature value set in the range of 14-27 ℃, set the temperature value refers to the air conditioner return air temperature or room temperature. In order to test whether the compressor can run, the cooling set value should be lower than the indoor temperature, heating should be higher than the indoor temperature, so air conditioning boot, you can determine whether the normal operation of the compressor.

After completing the above operation, open the air, air conditioning can run according to the selected mode of operation.

After the start of operation, according to the need to adjust the air flow switch to adjust the air conditioner cooling (heat) the amount.

Air Conditioner Switch off method: reasonable to adjust the wind speed

General air conditioning cooling (heat) the amount of regulation by changing the air volume to achieve the purpose of regulation (inverter air conditioner is to adjust the compressor speed). Window air conditioning is generally set with strong cold and weak cold or strong heat and weak heat knob, the knob set in the strong cold (hot) or weak cold (heat), the actual air flow is adjusted for high air volume or low air volume. Split air-conditioning used in the remote control is generally equipped with high, medium and low third gear speed to choose from, according to the indoor temperature requirements, by adjusting the air conditioning wind speed to achieve the purpose of regulating the cooling or heating.

In the case of refrigeration, for example, after the air conditioner is turned on, the following two situations may occur:

First, air conditioner compressor open stop frequently, and the indoor temperature drop down;

Second, the indoor temperature is too low, and the air conditioner compressor does not stop running. This may be that the temperature regulator's temperature setting is incorrect (too high or too low). Should be appropriate to adjust the temperature set value, so that the indoor temperature to meet the required value, so as to avoid frequent air compressor compressor stop or room temperature deviation is too large.

Air Conditioner Switch off method: a sudden power failure, man-made after the shutdown should not immediately boot

As the general air-conditioning are equipped with a downtime delay time (delay time of about 3min), then this type of air conditioning can be turned off immediately after the shutdown, but it takes 3min to run. But no time delay air conditioner, after the shutdown can not immediately boot, be sure to have about 3min, to re-open the air conditioning, or may cause the starting current is too large, burn the fuse, and even burn the compressor motor consequences.

Air Conditioner Switch off method: air conditioning should not be frequent switch

Not because the room temperature has reached the required value or higher than the required value and often start and close the air conditioner, but should allow the air conditioner through the temperature controller to control the start and shut down, air conditioner should not be used when the power off, unplug the power plug.

For most families, the air conditioning are considered a large amount of economic investment in the decoration process, in the actual use of the process, we not only concerned about the performance of the product itself, how to use is also a very important procedure, the above is the main air conditioning Of the switch off method, if you can start from the details, to the daily life, then, I believe in the future use of air conditioning products will be more "smoothly", air conditioning will be more healthy and efficient operation.