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Air Conditioner Switch Manual Adjustment
- May 10, 2017 -

Air Conditioner Switch Air conditioning switch is a kind of air conditioning end control products, can be divided into two categories of thermostat and three-speed switch, which thermostat can control the fan coil electric valve and fan, is now more popular an air conditioning switch , While the three-speed switch can only control the fan.

Air Conditioner Switch There are two kinds of thermostat, one for manual adjustment, the other is 7 days multi-period programming thermostat. The former is more common, and the latter can be in accordance with the rules of life of the user a week to achieve boot, shutdown, heating and constant temperature and other automatic operation, so that users do not need hands to experience the intelligent fun life.

Air Conditioner Switch Air conditioning switch instructions - a few small common sense of magic air conditioning

In fact, after the installation of air conditioning, the user can use the air conditioning switch to understand the use of air conditioning instructions. In general, the user according to the requirements of air conditioning and the use of requirements, select the air conditioning heating, cooling, dehumidification and ventilation options such as key. But many users in the use of the process often overlooked the following points.

Air Conditioner Switch 1, air conditioning in the case of cooling it is best to set its temperature value in the 20-30 ℃, while the heating operation temperature set at 14-27 ℃. In addition, according to set the temperature to check whether the normal operation of the compressor, only the cooling set value is lower than the indoor temperature, heating set value is higher than the room temperature can be.

Air Conditioner Switch 2, after the boot operation, the user can use the adjustment air flow switch to adjust the air conditioning switch cooling (heat) the amount. First of all, should use the high air volume, wait at room temperature close to the set temperature and then switch to low air volume or stroke volume, this can reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning, saving the use of cost.

Air Conditioner Switch 3, if the room temperature reaches or higher than the set value, the temperature controller should be used to start and close the air conditioning switch; and air conditioning switch is not used should turn off the power, unplug the power plug.

Air Conditioner Switch More than a few air conditioning switch instructions, can help you better use of air conditioning.