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Car Seat Heater Switch Improve Ride Uncomfortable
- Jun 01, 2017 -

The Car Seat Heater Switch is a ride facility that is provided by members and is fully decorated and integrated with the vehicle. It includes separate seats and long seats. In the composition includes seat metal parts and exterior materials, metal parts include slide rails, angle adjusters, lifts, springs and so on. Exterior materials mainly by the foam and fabric materials and other components. In addition, some electric seats also include height adjustment motor, sliding motor, control switch, heater and so on.

The domestic market, the domestic Car Seat Heater Switchs almost all the foreign and joint venture control. There are some of the world's leading Car Seat Heater Switch companies such as Faurecia, Magna, Toyota Textile and other optimistic about the development of China's auto industry space, but also to see some of the growth potential of local auto plant, through the establishment of wholly-owned or joint ventures in China , In addition to serving its global traditional customers, but also aimed at China's own brand vehicle factory, and gradually control the Chinese Car Seat Heater Switch assembly market, the formation of a monopoly situation. China's domestic enterprises on average smaller scale, the overall level of equipment backward, low level of technological innovation, so in the competition is difficult to get the support of the vehicle business. In this context, China's local Car Seat Heater Switch business is more active in the secondary or tertiary supporting market, into a supporting market less.

China's auto industry in recent years, rapid development, the next period of time will also be steady development, which has a lot of demand for seats, so the future of passenger Car Seat Heater Switch industry is still a huge space for development. On the development trend, the joint venture trend is obvious, the future of local enterprises will gradually cooperate with foreign-funded enterprises, purely local enterprises will disappear. In addition, China's future passenger Car Seat Heater Switch industry will appear vehicle companies to train a number of suppliers, independent brand products supply market competition, foreign-funded enterprises price competition, local enterprises and foreign mergers and other development trend.

Car Seat Heater Switch is to use the electric heating wire inside the seat to heat the interior of the seat and pass heat to the occupants through heat transfer to improve the uncomfortable ride in the winter when the seat is cool after prolonged parking.

The basic structure of the Car Seat Heater Switch is: the lower layer is a layer of non-woven fabrics, the heating wire is arranged on the non-woven fabric, the heating wire is fixed on the non-woven fabric with the fixing tape, the knitted fabric is covered with the fixing tape, Made in a shape similar to the Car Seat Heater Switch and sewn in a seat cover. In order to improve the comfort of the occupants in the vehicle, the control Car Seat Heater Switch temperature is within a certain range, and two temperature controllers are arranged in the Car Seat Heater Switch pad: (1) 50 ± 5 ℃ off, 30 ± 5 ℃ (2) 43 ± 5 ° C off, 23 ± 5 ° C connected. The backrest heater is connected to the cushion heater power supply through the connector, and the cushion heater is connected to the instrument panel harness through the connector, and then through the Car Seat Heater Switch switch, fuse wire and ignition switch to the battery power supply.