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Car Trunk Switch You Can Replace The Installation Location In A Timely Manner
- Jun 13, 2017 -

Car Trunk Switch is a new switch that is different from traditional power switches. This switch does not need to use the battery, no need to connect the power cord. There are two kinds of kinetic energy switch, just your fingers gently press the switch button to generate mechanical energy, can be automatically converted into electrical energy, thus controlling lamps, air conditioners, televisions and other electrical equipment; Absorb the light of the photovoltaic power generation to do the passive wireless.


Car Trunk Switch two important features are: passive and wireless, in addition to other intelligent features.


Car Trunk Switch, no need to provide energy sources. Do not like the traditional power switch, you need to connect the power cord, do not need to like the TV's remote control or mobile phone, install the rechargeable battery or dry battery, and no need to like the light energy calculator, you need built-in solar battery power supply. Car Trunk Switch, built-in energy conversion device, you only need to press the button button energy, immediately converted to electrical energy, to meet the switch required power.


Car Trunk Switch, no wiring operation. It emits a wireless control signal to control the lighting of electrical equipment such as lamps on and off.

The keys are varied

Each of the keys of the Car Trunk Switch can be configured or replaced at will. And different from the traditional power switch, after installation, its opening and closing mode is fixed, can not be changed. For example: In the Car Trunk Switch, you can set the first press the "up" button, turn on the lights; the second press "on" button, turn off the lights; the third press "on" button, turn on the lights; Press the "Up" button four times to turn off the lights. This cycle switch lights mode. Can also be set by pressing the "up" button to turn on the lights; press the "down" button to turn off the lights. This traditional switch lights mode. Can also be set to hold a button to turn off the lights, once released, turn off the lights immediately. 

Car Trunk Switch controlled device is easy to adjust

As the Car Trunk Switch does not connect the power cord. It controls the electrical equipment can be adjusted at any time. You can use it today to control the living room lights, change the settings to control the restaurant lights tomorrow, the day after the change settings, control the TV's power outlet.

Switch installed

Car Trunk Switch installation is very convenient. Even if people do not know electrical knowledge can be very convenient to install. You can like the home of the remote control, free to put any location. If you want to fix it to a location, simply press the double-sided adhesive on the back of the switch and paste it into any location on the wall or furniture. If you want to change the installation location in the future, you can also remove the switch, re-paste.