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Electrical Door Lock Switch Filter Inductance
- May 10, 2017 -

Electrical Door Lock Switch In the electric door lock switch, the ring core is often used as the input and output voltage filter inductance, mainly because of its ring permeability is relatively large, less spurious electromagnetic field, the relative permeability also increased, in a certain amount of inductance The number of winding turns is reduced, and the distributed capacitance of the winding is also reduced, and the damping frequency range of the filter is wider. Ring core filter inductors are widely used in norm-mode filters and common-mode filters. In the normal mode filter, sometimes the same core for multiple sets of output voltage filter inductance.

Electrical Door Lock Switch Such as the output voltage filter commonly used in computer PC power supply, where ± 5V, ± 12V share a ring core composed of the filter, positive voltage input and negative voltage input phase is the opposite, so the direction of the winding current is the same, So its role is a norm filter. Although the ± 5V load current is large, because the filter inductor turns very few, will not cause the magnetic core saturation.

Electrical Door Lock Switch At present in the electric door lock switch noise suppression, the common mode filter is widely used. Common mode filtering is more symmetrical in the double-line transmission than the normal mode filter. The addition of the common mode filter to the mains input of the electric door lock switch is a very effective measure to suppress the bidirectional pulse interference between the grid and the electric door lock switch. Because the electric door lock switch rectangular wave interference spectrum is extremely wide, although the practical use of sub-banding around it is difficult to take into account such a wide frequency range. General foreign equipment on the EMI index requirements are extremely strict. Electrical Door Lock Switch Sometimes have to take two sets of common mode filter in series, one of which consists of a double U-shaped core with a dedicated split into four segments of the skeleton around the larger inductance, each group of coils are divided into two sections to reduce Winding of the distributed capacitance. Such common-mode filter inductors, each coil inductance up to 40mH, used to suppress the switching pulse of the fundamental and low odd harmonics. The other group is a circular core with a small inductance of 2 * 300uH inductance, dedicated to suppress the rectangular pulse of the high odd harmonic components.

Electrical Door Lock Switch The common capacitance of the filter capacitor with the common mode filter is between 0.1 and 0.33 uF, so that the filter has a very low impedance to the band rejection frequency. When the common mode filter is set at the mains input, the capacitor is generally selected 600V polypropylene foil foil capacitors to reduce the capacitor equivalent series inductance. Regardless of the size of the capacity, it is best not to use a ripple double lead capacitor here.

Electrical Door Lock Switch In addition, in the electric door lock switch assembly, the switch tube electrode pin often into one or two small beads, in the circuit to draw an equivalent small inductance. This is a small magnetic beads made of amorphous alloy material, with a high permeability, it can through the center hole of the wire distribution inductance increases, although its equivalent inductance is very small, but will focus around the strong magnetic field around the wire In the magnetically permeable material to reduce the radiation to the space.