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Electrical Door Lock Switch Switch Safe And Reliable
- May 15, 2017 -

The Electrical Door Lock Switch in people's hearts is always a measure of the security of the important checkpoints.

A bunch of keys in the hand, we feel not only heavy weight, there is a potential security. However, more and more intelligent hardware entrepreneurs are trying to make the key "disappear", and this is the smart door Electrical Door Lock Switch start-up company "Technology man" want to make changes.

The biggest difference between smart Electrical Door Lock Switchs and ordinary Electrical Door Lock Switchs is that the traditional "key + Electrical Door Lock Switch" is opened with the app, fingerprint, Bluetooth, password and other different ways instead. Originally, open door need "find the key-unElectrical Door Lock Switch-door" three steps, in the smart Electrical Door Lock Switch in science and technology man, become a "Touch password disc wake Bluetooth/Enter password-sliding door" two-step, which eliminates the trouble of finding the key to pack, also eliminates the need to lose the key troubles.

In the science and Technology Man smart door Electrical Door Lock Switchs, each smart Electrical Door Lock Switch can match a verified phone number of the account as "Administrator", as well as the owner of the Electrical Door Lock Switch. The administrator can choose to unElectrical Door Lock Switch the password or use the Bluetooth phone in close proximity to the door Electrical Door Lock Switch in the door, or authorize other users to install the tech-man app "Bluetooth key." Bluetooth appears safer and more stable than other WiFi-controlled systems. For the elderly, children, or non-smart phone users, you can enter the form of a digital password directly.

In addition to the fixed authorization unElectrical Door Lock Switch, the use of technology-man's app can temporarily authorize. Science-man calls these two authorizations: set "permanent passwords" and "time-limited passwords" for smart Electrical Door Lock Switchs.

"Permanent passwords" as the name implies, authorize the family members. The password can be frozen and thawed at any time, and the administrator grasps the Electrical Door Lock Switch and open power.

"Time-limited passwords" are temporary, and after one use, it can also be a valid password for a period of one days, two weeks or even more precisely to 8:30 to 15 o'cElectrical Door Lock Switch. Friends to do a guest, home work to clean, the administrator should not tangle whether to tell them the password, also not because the Electrical Door Lock Switch password is more and more people know and frequent change password.

However, it is not "wise" to unElectrical Door Lock Switch the app. In fact, science and technology man more hope to open the door record timely feedback to the family's day-to-day situation. As an administrator, the user can view the Electrical Door Lock Switch-Electrical Door Lock Switched record, if the child at three o'cElectrical Door Lock Switch in the afternoon school, then four o'cElectrical Door Lock Switch with children open the door, users can know that the child safe home.

Of course, this is only the application of the family. In the future, science and technology man also intends to Electrical Door Lock Switch smart to the hotel apartment, short rental door.

Imagine that a manager can use a remote key to replace your room card or key, you only need to accept, one to the door to wake Bluetooth can open the door. In this way, the manager will be removed from the management key, send the key, get back the trouble, and in case you leave early, the manager can quickly freeze the key Electrical Door Lock Switch door. In addition, if you defaulted on the rent, the manager might freeze the key to "kindly" remind you ... This is undoubtedly a renovation of the management mode of the hotel and short rent industry.