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Fog Lamp Switch And Then Play A Certain Role In The Car
- May 22, 2017 -

What is the difference between a fog light and a low beam?

Why can not the fog lamp be used as a daily lighting?

Let's take a look at the chart below. The two pictures I shot in a thick fog night, we can be very intuitive to see the fog lights and low light irradiation effect of what is the difference.

The role of the light beam is to illuminate a certain distance before the car range, the irradiation angle is lower than the horizontal line, and the lamp power is not large, and therefore will not interfere with other vehicle drivers.

However, in the fog days,Fog Lamp Switch the penetration of weak low beam is very difficult, then we must rely on fog lights to make up for the light can not penetrate the heavy rain and fog. Therefore, the fog lamp can only be used as an emergency lighting tool under bad weather conditions and can not be used as a daily lighting.

In order to make everyone feel more intuitive, I find a good weather in the night, with their own car on the drive recorder, shooting a number of vehicles chaotic fog lights of the screen. We look at the high visibility in the environment, before and after the fog lights in the end how dazzling:

From the traffic recorder to the picture, the fog lamp brightness is much higher than the ordinary lights, and with the naked eye,Fog Lamp Switch the degree of glaring than the video shooting screen more serious. If the driver's eyes are illuminated by fog lights for a long time, it is easy to feel dizzy. Very prone to traffic accidents!

Two cases only need to use fog lights?

Since this stuff is called "fog lights", then it is certainly in the rain and fog days to come in handy. Article 81 of the Regulations on the Implementation of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China expressly states that when the visibility of rain and fog is less than 200 meters, the motor vehicle shall open the fog lamp.

Opened the fog lights of the vehicle,Fog Lamp Switch the other drivers of the line of sight is indeed a great interference, especially after the opening of the fog lights of the vehicle. Fog lights in the visibility of the environment will become very dazzling. Dazzling fog lights, is the other drivers of the eyes caused by interference or even hurt, and then lead to a car accident occurred. Therefore, many countries of the traffic regulations are clearly stipulated: to prohibit the vehicle in a good visibility to open the fog lights.

‚óŹ how to see if the fog lights in the car?

Of course, not all abuse of fog lights are intentional. Some novices may mistakenly mistakenly fog lights, and they themselves have not found, but will not realize that fog lights have caused interference to other people. Many novice will have such a question: I sat in the car, how to know whether to open the fog lights? Very simple, we only need to observe the icon on the dashboard can be judged.

Where is the fog light switch?

At present, most of the sales models, the Fog Lamp Switch will be set in the left or left side of the steering wheel, and there will be a prominent logo prompt the user.

Fog lights like a double-edged sword, with a good enough to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, if not good, you can become a fuse of the accident. Therefore, the majority of owners must remember: fog lights only in the low visibility of the environment, in order to play its due role, we do not force it to bear the daily lighting of the live.