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Foot Pedal Switch Can Be Better Controlled
- Jun 13, 2017 -

The utility model relates to a pipe switch which refers to a combination of a hydraulic valve in a pipe with a valve having a valve to achieve a combination of closed tubing, in particular by means of a Foot Pedal Switch pressure relief switch To release the control valve in the valve pressure on the valve to achieve the purpose of the foot of the foot pipe switch.

The traditional faucet must use the hands of the user to rotate or slide the valve body to achieve the function of water or water. In this way the user must wash his hands and then contact with the faucet. At this time attached to the faucet on the disease is likely to once again attached to the hands, making the effect of clean greatly reduced. Wash your hands with soap is even more troublesome. People are common to wash their hands to wash the bubble with soap, first full of foam with a hand to open the faucet, until the bubble after washing with their hands and then rushed to the remaining water on the faucet bubble, and finally turn the faucet, so a , After washing to the faucet was closed during this period of time out of the water is completely wasted, resulting in waste of water resources.

Thus, in many public places such as hospitals or public toilets, in order to avoid the use of a large number of users to stay in the faucet switch on the faucet switch caused by cross-infection and resource-based considerations, usually installed inductive faucet or mechanical Foot switch to control the faucet water or shut down, in order to avoid remaining in the faucet on the spread of vector infection,Foot Pedal Switch while avoiding unnecessary waste of water resources. Although these two methods of controlling the effluent can improve the shortcomings of the traditional faucet, there are still many places where it can be used to break through and improve, for example. Currently on the market of induction faucet is usually used as a source of infrared light, but this type of finished product due to higher precision is usually more expensive than the average family is less expensive to accept.

2. The above-mentioned inductive faucet is usually used to control the opening and closing of the flow passage with a solenoid valve. It is well known that the water is a good conductor of electric electricity. If the leakage time is caused by the use of the solenoid valve, it is dangerous to the user.

3. Solenoid valve must be power, and the type of faucet regardless of whether the use of power consumption, because the solenoid valve must be in a standby state,Foot Pedal Switch long accumulated is also a burden.

4. If only the use of mechanical control mode to control the opening and closing of the flow channel, although the absence of the electromagnetic type of the shortcomings, but the use of the time will be due to mechanical wear and tear caused by the problem of uncertainty, and therefore must be the whole group Replacement is really uneconomical.

The main purpose of the utility model is to provide a streamlined foot-type pipeline switch,Foot Pedal Switch which is mainly combined with electromagnetic control and mechanical control of the advantages of both modes, and by virtue of structural improvements can significantly reduce the cost of foot-type tube Road switch.

The technical proposal of the utility model is to provide a foot-type pipeline switch, which mainly comprises a control valve, the control valve comprises a base, a cover body and a valve arranged between the base and the cover, And a valve is formed in a closed manner on the base and forms a pressure accumulating space with the valve. The invention is characterized in that an inlet channel and an outlet channel are respectively formed in the base,Foot Pedal Switch one end of the outflow channel is connected to the outside of the control valve and the other end And the end face is slightly lower than the end face of the base and the cover body and is parallel with the cover body; the cover body is formed with a pressure relief hole through which the pressure relief hole penetrates the cover body and is connected with a pressure relief pipe; the valve is formed with a communication hole connecting the base and the cover And a unit time flow is less than the unit time flow rate of the cover pressure relief hole; and a pressure relief switch and a pressure relief switch are connected with the pressure storage space of the control valve through the pressure relief pipe, Foot Pedal Switch The plug body has a working rod extension out of the pressure relief switch can control the external pressure relief switch opening and closing, and through its action to open the pressure relief tube to control the valve pressure chamber pressure relief.