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Hazard Lamp Switch Do Not Touch Easily
- Jun 01, 2017 -

Hazard Lamp Switch Circuit breakers, switches and other switches, with uniform provisions, all the buttons up, that is, open, pull down, is off. This is done in order to prevent the button inside the spring damage, open up when the card, gravity causes the button to automatically fall off. If the switch button is pulled down, it is possible to cause the switch to close automatically, resulting in electric shock hazard.

But the risk factor of the light switch is small, and the internal card is jammed, so there is no mandatory provisions of the light switch to what direction is to open or off.

As a result, it creates a mess - to the strange room, often do not know the state of the light switch, especially the strange room.

Even if this is the case,Hazard Lamp Switch even too much of their own home decoration or replacement of individual light switch, it is likely that the original switch and the new switch in the opposite direction. Originally, the color is not as ugly, the direction of the switch is different, really let people suck.

Today, in particular about how the direction of the switch changes.

Double control switch

If it is a double control light, there is no need to consider its switching direction, because the two switches control, its control direction is constantly changing. This is the use of dual-control light friends absolutely deep experience.

But in the replacement of light switch, you can consider the dual control to do single use. Because the electricity market owner may not know the switch switch the direction of each switch,Hazard Lamp Switch so simply buy a dual control switch home, you can control the direction of the switch

Hazard Lamp Switch Lighting line if not into the switch line, directly into the lamp, after closing the switch, the lamp is still charged, maintenance a little accidentally encountered FireWire, it will be electric shock.

1. When installing lighting lines, to distinguish between "FireWire" and "zero line";

2. After the installation of lighting lines, close the switch,Hazard Lamp Switch measured with a pen, if the test pen indicator light, then the FireWire does not enter the switch, you need to adjust;

3. If you find some of the switch into the future, to be adjusted one by one; if all did not enter, just adjust the total switch outlet can be.

4. home lighting line (decoration) installation,Hazard Lamp Switch need to find a "electrical network operation permit" of the professional electrician, can not allow non-professionals to operate.