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High Beam Lighting Switches To Ensure Safety
- Jun 01, 2017 -

High Beam Lighting Switches to the fire line connection, the socket for the left zero right phase, that is, facing the front of the socket, the left side of the jack and the zero line connection, the right side of the jack and phase connection, triangle socket and a hole connection, Socket on the back of the text and symbols, according to its prompts can be connected, and from the color of the line to identify FireWire, zero line, ground, the international standard FireWire is red, zero line is green and yellow, ground is yellow The

1, in the hotel we often see a key High Beam Lighting Switches lights High Beam Lighting Switches, in practice, we are often used in the family use of inconvenience, such as: the living room is relatively large circumstances, the bedroom needs to change the light brightness of the case, You need a more control, but also to change the brightness of a light High Beam Lighting Switches; in some only play the role of anti-third, but also according to the actual situation to be determined.

2, there are three lines of the line of fire and ground wire socket are generally required grounding wire

3, "2 holes a screw lock" for a terminal, a terminal connected to the fire (High Beam Lighting Switches off when the pen with a pen that has a power), a terminal connected to the fire (directly connected to the lamp of the root line).

4, High Beam Lighting Switches box, there are three lines, must be clear to pick up In the general household High Beam Lighting Switches box, due to the socket, so there are fire lines (usually red, electric pen test neon tube light), zero line (usually blue or black), ground (the provisions of yellow and green ).

5, one end of the High Beam Lighting Switches into the fire, one end of the fire (note, two are FireWire Oh), the fire that line can not be taken into a zero line or ground, or High Beam Lighting Switches on a short circuit. To determine the fire that line, use a multimeter plus a wire (do not be afraid of trouble, be sure to confirm, otherwise the consequences are very serious), with a multimeter resistance file to confirm the High Beam Lighting Switches in the fire that line, and the lamp is a line Pass in order to connect. Test must be cut off Kazakhstan.

If the lighting High Beam Lighting Switches is installed on the zero line, although the lights are not lit when the lights off, but the head of the phase is still connected, and people think that the light does not light, it will be mistakenly considered to be in a power state. And in fact the voltage on the ground point of the lamp is still 220 volts of dangerous voltage. If the light is off when people touch these actually charged parts, it will cause electric shock. So a variety of lighting High Beam Lighting Switches or single-phase small-capacity electrical equipment High Beam Lighting Switches, only in series on the line of fire in order to ensure safety.