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High Beam Lights Is One Of The Important Features On A Car
- Jan 06, 2017 -

High beam lights are one of the most important features on a car, compared with the low beam lights, high beam lights light rays that shot out, focus the light and brightness is large, can according to the higher and more distant objects, has a great help for the driver's line of sight at night. But abuse of high beam lights is quite serious, wrong time use the high beam lights not only improve driving safety, but will increase the risk of accident. In real life consequences what light is not used correctly? How can we use high beam lamp?

The effect of

Far high beam lights to improve vision, expanding the view, no doubt. In the absence of street lights on a dark road, turn on high beam lights visual range is much larger than just after turn on low beam lights. In such circumstances, it is necessary to open the high beam lights. From the picture below it is easy to see the advantages of driving lamps.