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- Apr 18, 2017 -

Q: why does a lot of cars have a ESP switch but no ABS switch? When is the ESP switch used?
Do all ESP cars have a ESP switch?
In fact, not all vehicles equipped with ESP can turn off ESP, such as low with the Fawkes cannot be turned off. Another case is different between different brands, technology providers of electronic stability control system will have a different name, such as Honda VSA, TOYOTA VSC, Nissan VDC, called BMW in fact, the working principle of DSC and so on, they are similar.
ESP how close?
But all that is equipped with ESP (in order to simple to understand, we in the following or the electronic stability system referred to as ESP) of the vehicle, in a car, ESP is enabled by default. According to the different set of different brands of cars, some are short press "ESP OFF" button, some are long press "ESP OFF" button, you can close the ESP function. But the method is closed some vehicles are different, such as BMW's own DSC system, the effect of ESP with roughly the same. But the way off some difference, close DSC OFF divided into two tranches. Short press will start to activate DTC (traction auxiliary), and press the DSC OFF key indicator the lights, the DSC system will be completely closed.
1, drift
Vehicle drift, the difference between the left and right wheels will be very large, then if the ESP intervention, it will be difficult to get a keen driving experience, turn off the ESP, I believe it is easier to make a beautiful action
2, track driving
ESP can improve the active safety of keep out of control is the premise of the vast majority of ordinary driver's driving skills will not play to the real vehicle active safety limits, many wrong operation will reduce the control limit, so ESP is only to ensure the operation of the vehicle is not affected, help the driver to keep the vehicle in dynamic within the limit. The driving technology is really really good people, really can do limit people drive than the ESP limit.
But encountered on the road suddenly out of a person, high technology drivers are unable to make do enough quick response in an instant, absolutely precise operation, so in general, road or move the ESP switch as well.
3, when the vehicle is stuck in mud or off-road
When the vehicle sinking and other off-road conditions, need appropriate to help rescue vehicles slipping and climbing, then ESP does not let the wheel slip characteristics do so, and when in extreme off-road vehicles, or the ESP off.
4, when the rain and snow encountered climbing slip
The vehicle in the snow or water on the road at the start, especially in the case of uphill, prone to slipping wheel slip. Then the computer will recognize the wheel, the output ESP system restricts the engine, the result is general car can go up the slope, due to the launch of ESP but could not go over it.
ESP is not a panacea, it is only in some cases can avoid out of control, it has both environmental limitations, can improve the vehicle cornering limits, so don't put your life in hopes of ESP can help, always obey the traffic rules is the key to safe driving.