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Little Exposure To Low Beam Lights
- Jan 06, 2017 -

Low beam lights illuminate a distance of about 30-40 meters. According to know: when traveling at a speed of 55 km/h at night and found immediately step on the brake, stopping distance is 30 metres. When in the context of low beam light found to immediately stop, cars and has no clearance between them. Of course this is in good condition, poor road conditions and the driver's response are good cases, if it is above this speed, condition, poor roads and driver's fatigue long reaction time under such circumstances, the results can be assessed. So, at night be sure to control the speed. In flat, sight on the road to good use when the high beam lights, speed may be appropriate to speed up and in uneven or turning or passing bridges or narrow or complex situations such as intersections should be slow speed control in less than 40 km/h.