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Lock Structure
- Jan 06, 2017 -

1, door lock switch: most negative switching is controlled by main switch and switch, always mount the switch on the driver's side door, driver master switch all car door locks or can be opened switch mounted on the other door and separate control of a car door.

2, door lock actuators: Central locking actuators are used to execute the driver's instructions, lock locking or opening. Door lock actuators electromagnetic, DC motor and permanent magnet motor-3 drive mode. Its structure is performed by changing the polarity reversing its direction of motion lock or open the door.

(1) electro-magnetic: it is equipped with 2 coils which are used to open and lock door lock, door lock focus operation button usually in the middle. When you want to lock the coil through the forward current, armature drive moves the bar left, the door was locked; when to open the door the coil through a reverse current, armature drive connecting rod right, the door was open.

(2) DC motor type: it is done by rotation of DC motor and gear (gear screw drive, pinion and spur gear transmission) to pass power door lock latch, open or lock the door latch. Because the bi-directional rotation of DC motor by motor positive inversion of achieving lock locking or opening. Compared to the actuator and solenoid valve actuator, power consumption is low.

(3) permanent magnet motor: permanent magnet motors are permanent magnet type synchronous motor. Its role and the first two are basically the same and structure are quite different. With convex tooth of the rotor and salient stator poles of tooth and radial clearance is small and the magnetic flux. Multiple electromagnetic axial uniform on the stator, and each solenoid radially arranged. Zhou Butie stator cores each wound coil with iron core, phase when a current passes through a coil, the coil of iron core convex on the suction rotor stator poles of tooth alignment, the rotor will turn to the minimum flux, that is a step. To make the rotor continues to rotate a step angle, according to the required rotation direction of the next phase of the stator coil input a pulse current, the rotor can rotate. Rotor rotation, by even the door locks locking or opening.