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Park Sensor Switch To Facilitate People To Enter
- May 15, 2017 -

What is a Park Sensor Switch? Is a kind of detection device, can feel the information to be measured, and can feel the information, according to certain laws into electrical signals or other forms of information output to meet the information transmission, processing, storage, display, Record and control requirements.

What is the principle of different Park Sensor Switchs?

In the January 18 Geek Park Innovation Conference, released a smart home suite, including multi-function gateway, human Park Sensor Switchs, doors and windows Park Sensor Switchs and wireless switch 4 hardware products.

The human body Park Sensor Switch has a 170 ° range of detection, can move people and pets move, can automatically detect, automatically remind the smart device. As a result of the use of ultra-low power technology, the battery can be used for more than 2 years. The most important thing is that this product does not need to install, free to put it can be used.

Doors and windows Park Sensor Switchs can real-time perception of doors and windows switch state, and then smart security. If you can match other intelligent devices, you can also have more application scenarios. In the use of time, doors and windows Park Sensor Switchs can also use more than 2 years, and no need to install the tool.

Wireless switch can be used in front of the wireless doorbell, the user can customize the ringtones, lights. In addition to the doorbell, it can also be used as a wireless switch for other smart devices.

Science and technology today should not go by the light switch such things troubled people's daily life.

At the same time we use the smart socket in the control of our home after the energy and electrical appliances, will find electricity than the same period last year, electricity 30%.

This is a good thing. Many people say that we want to environmental protection, turn off the air conditioning, water heater off, it is not scientific and can not be sustained, the real energy saving can not sacrifice comfort experience, it should be eliminated from the nature of waste.

Technology can make the combination of software and hardware automatically, rather than need to take out a thing you control every day.

This thing constitutes the original intention of doing things, we want to provide a set of programs, no matter where you can see the home, you can also feel the home is cold or warm, light or strong, we can know the home Inside the environment is not good.

Park Sensor Switch We will face a great choice, we are doing a product or say a series of products. Now the Internet in terms of this thinking, we should be the ultimate, to focus, many times we only do a product, only a product will bring a lot of advantages.

Park Sensor Switch If you make a combination, it will be difficult to trouble, because it involves a main network structure, the efficiency of communication, including the cost of research and development and the amount of each monomer. Smart home is automatically working, must have a Park Sensor Switch and control unit can be linked. This requires a combination of many products.

Park Sensor Switch Intelligent linkage itself is not a smart home goal, but a starting point, even the smart linkage is not difficult to say is a smart home. But if there is a smart linkage is not enough, we need to constantly update our algorithms and learning behavior, including the future of the camera needs more face behavior, to understand and deal with the house is a friend, concerned about people's lives, Beyond people 's expectations of life.

This is why we do a lot of product reasons, we have a dynamic, environment, access control and so on Park Sensor Switchs, we know when to go home, open the door or close the door, just cold or hot, to achieve automatic adaptation in order to improve the effect The

Park Sensor Switch When these things can automatically work when the open time to open, when the off off. This time you will find that you get an unprecedented freedom, you can see the home at any time. Anything can automatically work, this is what we want the smart home to bring you a life scene,

Soft and hard combination of new forces

Smart home in this area, the past ten years or fifteen years there are a lot of people continue to work hard, because the price is very expensive, so in a very small land market development, but there are many kinds of technology accumulation , For example, some companies use WIFI technology can quickly out of a monomer, there are single remote control, Bluetooth and so a lot of technology.

For smart home, what kind of application scenarios for what kind of technology we use what kind of technology, by choosing the right technology in the right scene to achieve the best user experience and use of the results.

In addition to a smart hardware company, software and user experience is also the core value. Hardware to change the world, to some extent is also a new trend.