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Seat Switch The Working Principle Of
- May 10, 2017 -

Seat Switch 1, the main circuit

Seat Switch Inrush Current Limiting: Limits the inrush current on the momentary input of the power supply.

Seat Switch Input filter: its role is to filter the existence of clutter power grid and hinder the local noise generated by the clutter back to the grid.

Seat Switch Rectification and filtering: the grid AC power supply directly rectified into a more smooth DC.

Seat Switch Inverter: the rectifier DC into high-frequency AC, which is the core of high-frequency switching power supply.

Seat Switch Output rectification and filtering: According to the load needs, to provide a stable and reliable DC power supply.

Seat Switch 2, control circuit

Seat Switch On the one hand from the output side of the sample, compared with the set value, and then to control the inverter, change its pulse width or pulse frequency, the output stability, on the other hand, according to the test circuit to provide data, the protection circuit identification, The control circuit performs various protection measures on the power supply.

Seat Switch 3, detection circuit

Seat Switch Provide protection circuit is running a variety of parameters and a variety of instrument data.

Seat Switch 4, auxiliary power supply

Seat Switch To achieve the power of the software (remote) to start, for the protection circuit and control circuit (PWM and other chips) work power supply.

Seat Switch There are three general operating modes: frequency, pulse width fixed mode, frequency fixed, pulse width variable mode, frequency, pulse width variable mode. The former operating mode is mostly used for DC / AC inverter power supply, or DC / DC voltage conversion; the latter two operating modes for switching power supply.

Seat Switch In addition, the output voltage also has three kinds of work: direct output voltage mode, the average output voltage mode, amplitude output voltage mode. Similarly, the former work for a DC / AC inverter power supply, or DC / DC voltage conversion; the latter two kinds of work for switching power supply.